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Reproductive Freedom Act: Killing Black and Brown Babies

On October 2, 2020 Governor Philip Murphy, State Senator Loretta Weinberg, and Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle published a YouTube promoting the hyper abortion bill "The Reproductive Freedom Act." You can read the Governors statement here.

The Governor made implicit mention of the upcoming appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice that could over turn Roe v. Wade. The legislation, S3030 was introduced October 8 and you can access the 47 page bill here.

The Racism of Abortion

"Planned Parenthood and other abortion and so called 'family planning providers' put their clinics inside our communities. They target our young people. They take advantage of the circumstances woman of color find themselves in and make a profit. They’re not providing real solutions to the problems they face, they only compound them. " Marisol Maldonado Rodriguez- Renew Life Center

Report: Abortion Accounts for 61%

of Black Deaths in America

Breitbart Report

ABORTION IS NOT HEALTH CARE. “For the first time in decades, it seems possible that the Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade,” - Governor Murphy 

On October 2, 2020, the Murphy Administration, pro-abortion lobbyists and advocates along with pro-abortion New Jersey legislators have set precedence in following Governor Cuomo’s abortion law. Cuomo and (now Murphy) are seeing the writing on the wall where the possibility of Roe vs Wade can be overturned. They have sought measures to reinforce the abortion industry through a bill called the Reproduction Freedom Act. ABORTION INDUSTRY AND WHAT IT CONSISTS OF The abortion industry encompasses many areas; it covers from sex-elective abortion to abortion pill to child sex trafficking cover-up and inhumane late term abortion. Out of these egregious areas, it is unfathomable to believe yet still the African-American and Hispanics bear the burden of making up 60% of reported New Jersey abortions.

LET US INFORM YOU WHAT THIS REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM ACT BILL IS NOT: Abortion is NOT HEALTH CARE. This is not a bill where you can seek assistance in becoming pregnant as the name of the bill deceitfully states. This bill unanimously voted by the NJ Board of Medical Examiners ruled abortions can be performed by non-physicians and permit abortions beyond the preborn of 14 weeks to be performed in an office setting. This means, anyone: physician assistants, certified midwives, and other nurses can deem the abortion as necessary and perform the abortions in any non – clinical setting. ABORTION IS NOT A SOCIOECONOMIC PLAN OUT OF POVERTY According to Sheila Reynertson of New Jersey Policy Perspective, the “Reproductive Freedom Act” bill is an “anti-poverty measure.” It is not. "When someone is denied abortion care because they can’t cover the cost, research shows they are more likely to remain in poverty for years," said Sheila Reynertson from New Jersey Policy Perspective.

FACT: Many Hispanics and Afro-American women have been the target of racial disparity by Planned Parenthood. For many mothers –to-be, the cost for a medical exam and ultra-sounds are so astronomical, it is another pressure added onto, especially from women coming from a disadvantaged economic status. Planned Parenthood, despite their billion dollar industry under the guise of “your choice” and “reproductive freedom”; have targeted African –American and Hispanic women to bear the cost and be charged exorbitantly high costs while other demographic charges for abortion has been significantly lower.

WHAT WE CAN DO Call, email, and meet up in person with legislators who are advocating for this bill. Inform them this bill can not pass. This bill kills black and brown babies.


Senator Loretta Weinberg SenWeinberg@njleg.org 201-928-010

Senator Linda Greenstein SenGreenstein@njleg.org 609-395-9911


Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle AswVainieriHuttle@njleg.org 201-541-1118

Assemblywoman Mila Jasey AswJasey@njleg.org 973-762-1886

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