• Gregory Quinlan

Phil Murphy and the Democrat Party are grooming your children.

The Center for Garden State Families continues to be inundated with calls from parents and concerned teachers from all over the state about the extreme comprehensive sex education materials being mandated in New Jersey government schools.

Since the beginning of the Murphy administration, there has been a move within government agencies and the New Jersey legislature to change the culture in New Jersey. That culture includes grooming your children.

You may have heard of the term “grooming.” We are not referring to grooming your hair or how you style your clothing. According to the website Out of the Fog,Grooming is an insidious predatory tactic, utilized by abusers. Grooming is practiced by Narcissists, Antisocial predators, con-artists and sexual aggressors, who target and manipulate vulnerable people for exploitation. Child grooming is the deliberate act of establishing an emotional bond with a child, to lower the child's resistance.”

Every citizen of the state has a God-breathed obligation to guard and protect the most vulnerable among us. This is especially true of our children. The medical Dictionary defines child grooming as, “The constellation of psychological manipulations and actions taken by a predatory adult, meant to reduce a child’s fears and inhibitions, as a prelude to sexual abuse or exploitation by the predator or his/her associates.” This thoroughly describes the new comprehensive sex education curricula and education standards devised by Gov. Phil and his wife Tammy Murphy.

These Department of Education standards as developed will clearly desensitize and sexualize children. Parents are asking: Why is it necessary to introduce sexually explicit, graphic sex acts to minor children? Why is it the responsibility of government schools to teach sex acts, with whom to have sex, and the mechanics of sex to any student? Frankly, it is not.

While Phil Murphy and the Democrat legislators with the help of a few woke Republicans are sexually exploiting our children, education standards and outcomes are plummeting. Post-Covid the damage to children emotionally, mentally and educationally is a train wreck. But the Murphy Administration is not addressing helping children heal from the lockdowns and recover two years of lost diminished education. According to a research article that appeared in PNAS, “Learning loss due to school closures during the Covid 19 pandemic” , the preliminary indications are that the lockdown in the short-term did in fact contribute to learning loss. The study did indicate that the suspension of face-to-face instruction in schools during the Covid 19 pandemic has led to concerns and visible consequences to students learning. The Center for Garden State Families has observed in multiple school board meetings that parents have testified to the learning loss and significant psychological, emotional and education deficits in their children since the pandemic. The overwhelming concern from parents, teachers and the community is why hasn’t this obvious learning loss issue been addressed? Why is the Murphy administration and the New Jersey General Assembly focusing on sexually explicit, age-inappropriate and political indoctrinating material including LGBTQIA – XYZ for New Jersey government schools?

Within the last week, we’ve seen multiple news articles from national sources as well as inside the Garden State showing the panic of Senator Vin Gopal (D) LD-11 Ocean Twsp., Chairman of the State Senate Education Committee. Sen. Gopal begged Gov. Phil Murphy to suspend the controversial education gender identity standards for 1st and 2nd graders. Gov. Murphy agreed to pause the education standards to six and seven-year-olds until a study could be done to determine their age appropriateness. Let it be clear, this is not a suspension or an erasure of this inappropriate policy which causes children to question their sexuality before they know what sex is. This is a pause, only a pause. Senator Gopal’s panic is from a law that he eagerly cosponsored and lobbied his fellow legislators to pass prior to his very slim reelection in 2021 while his two Democrat seatmates lost.

The Center for Garden State Families opposes ALL of the new 2020 Comprehensive Sex Education Standards and the advancement and normalization of the developmental gender identity disorders of LGBTQ. The science is clear, “There are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biologic etiology for homosexuality.” American Psychiatric Association. Large-scale GWAS reveals insights to the genetic architecture of same sex-behavior concluded “There is no single gay gene.” Since the real replicated scientific research concludes that homosexuality is not genetic, why are we as a society grooming children to accept the fallacy of alternate sexual identities?

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