The Center for Garden State Families is supported 100% by the generous donations of individuals, families, businesses and churches. We are allies with our supporters in a shared mission to strengthen the family and transform the Garden State by advancing biblical principles in the public arena. Thank you for your partnership!

We take very seriously the trust you place in the Center for Garden State Families when you send a gift. We understand that we are accountable before you and God to honor your trust. The Center for Garden State Families is supported by voluntary donations from good people like you.

Thank you for donating to our cause.  Many donors have benefited from strategies which increase your tax deductible giving without having those dollars come out of your current lifestyle.  You benefit with an increase in your annual after tax retirement income.  To discuss these incredible strategies, which are long standing IRS acceptable, please contact our office today.

Donate By Mail

Print out, fill out and mail to:

The Center for Garden State Families

1719 ROUTE 10, SUITE 309, PARSIPPANY NJ 07054