5 Areas of Focus

The Center for Garden State Families is a family advocacy organization with FIVE areas of Focus:

  • First Liberties

    • Freedom of Religion

    • Freedom of Speech

    • Freedom of the Press

    • The Right of Assembly

    • Redress of Grievances

    • Opposing the alleged special rights of sexual minorities (LGBT).

  • Life

    • First liberties mean nothing if you are dead. Abortion: All life has value, from conception till natural death.  End of Life: Assisted Suicide. Caring for the “terminally ill.” Stop the funding with tax dollars of abortion and assisted suicide.

  • Education

    • Education is dependent upon Parental Rights and Education Choice.

  • Taxes

    • In the Garden State taxes are oppressive. These taxes are destroying property rights, family stability, and the present and future security of the individual citizen.

  • Second Amendment

    • The right of self-defense.